DOTA 2 - Defence of The Ancient II

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DOTA 2 - Defence of The Ancient II

Post by Hiei on October 10th 2013, 3:43 pm

So, who plays DOTA 2 out here?

Its the sequel to the famous Warcraft mod DOTA(Defence of The Ancient). It released this year and has been highly critically acclaimed by top gaming sites. Has an aggregate scores of 90%+ from top reputed gaming sites. Its very addictive to be honest and playing with friends is just so much fun. Currently I am playing DOTA 2 and I am loving it and I would definitely recommend it to all the game lovers out there.

If you already play it so, who are your top tier chars and why?

As per me my Top chars would be :
Spirit Breaker - rapes anyone 1 on 1
Viper - Real OP as he slows the opponent and poisons him bad.
Warlock - Works as a great support by binding foes and ofc Chaotic offering summons a huge golem that is devastating.

The char I am currently mastering :
Invoker : this dude is undoubtedly the toughest char to master imo when most heroes have just 4 skills max this dude has 10+ making him insane if used properly. But again he is really tough to use.

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