Rock Lee's Spring Time of Youth

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Rock Lee's Spring Time of Youth

Post by Crimson on January 27th 2013, 11:50 pm

This might be better of in the 'other series' section, though nobody visits that place and besides, this is Naruto related, so I'll place it here:

This is a spin-off manga of Naruto - Kishi's assistant came up with an idea for a manga based on Rock Lee. He basically incorporates Kishi's narutoverse, expanding on the humoristic parts that were lost in the post time skip part of the Naruto manga. So there's a bunch of gags, perverted humour, puns and language jokes and situational gags. There's a lot of troll humor too. I find it decently funny mainly due to its absurdity. Coz it is pretty fucken crazy at times.

So, here we are, my dear readers - I thusly present you with a link to the first chap. Happy reading and hopefully this thread will be a tad more active than nothing.

P.S. The arts chibi like, so some of you may dislike it.
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