iOS - Android / iPod /iPhone/iPad/ IMO:The World Of Magic -

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iOS - Android / iPod /iPhone/iPad/ IMO:The World Of Magic -

Post by ledreff on August 1st 2012, 10:45 pm

Okay so it's this mmorpg game for iOS ipods etc. you read the title lol , it's really fun the CAP ( MAX ) level is 50 and if you
don't have patiance I wouldnt recommend I learn to have paitance because of other games , it does take some time to level , level 1-20
should be easy I heard , im currently level 11 Warrior Started last night , didn't play much today only got 1 level , there are 3 classes ,
Ranger - Bow's , Magicians - Wands , Warriors - Swords & Shields, There are guilds , and PvP , Dungeons Level 14+ , Items arnt like maplestory lol like 400m-4BIL . . .
items sell for 35K-1m highest I seen was 1.2m , money I don't believe is hard to make because you can FARM , it reminds me of Trickster Online , like level 10 on tere is like level 30 in a normal MMO such as Maplestory my level 121 Phantom would probably be level ? ? ? ? 35+ on TWOM . . there is a wiki for more information there are quest , Skills Magicians have nice big skills for those but they use INT and WIS so they dont have alot of HP , Warriors use STR and CON . . . so they have alot of life , i am a CON warrior so i put more stats on CON than Str and you dont have to worry about stat attribution because u do it at the beginning then ur amors u buy decide on how much of each you have i reccomend u read the wiki on the class guide to figure out which stats u want at the beginning for whatever class you want , if your going to play its a really fun game , when you get high level it gets more fun im currently trying lol ^__^ but yeah hope u like it ill put link of site with video , - there is a video of the COM2US Trailer and a guy playing it watch ^__^ learn - this is the forum enjoy ^__^

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Re: iOS - Android / iPod /iPhone/iPad/ IMO:The World Of Magic -

Post by waxgyi on August 1st 2012, 11:57 pm

Awesome...I'll download it now!

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