Path of Exile

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Path of Exile

Post by Kawazoe Taiki on January 5th 2012, 4:08 am

-Diablo Isometric play style
-Multiplayer "Town" areas you create parties
-Hundreds of rare and unique items
-"Dark & Edgy" Style setting much like Diablo I & II
-MASSIVE skill tree
-It's a "What if Diablo II were made today"
-Clean crisp graphics
-Unique combat skill system (much like books in diablo 1, but you can level them)

Now I know a lot of people are disappointed at how Diablo III is looking and I'm not exactly passing it off just yet.
Ever since WoW, all of Blizzards games have been disappointing (Including Starcraft II, which I expected more from).
Diablo III is looking to be an Isometric WoW, using the Diablo name as a cash grab. It's going to have an item shop you including real life micro transactions and it's really starting to sound like all these shitty ass mmo's that have been releasing en mass for the last couple years.
Thankfully a company named Grinding Gear Games is currently in the beta process of their new title Path of Exile.
It's very similar to the Diablo franchise with a few added mechanisms of it's own, including the multiplayer system which no longer includes looking for a room that only allows a certain number of people. Instead, when in the checkpoint areas of the game, all people on the massive servers are there for you to interact with, there is also a global chat in place. From the checkpoint area you can meet up and form parties, and the outer areas where the monsters and quests were done, a lot like Diablo, work like instances.
The entire economy is trade based, even the NPC's. There is no currency in place as the story doesn't allow for it (You're stranded on an island after being Exiled from your homeland). Instead you're stuck with trading weapons/scrolls/various orbs and materials for what you need. There is a randomized "crafting" system that allows you to take your chance at turning dull items you find into amazingly rare and powerful items, of course all of it is stat limited.
There are 6 classes, but really this doesn't matter. The passive skill tree is massive and is the same for each class BUT each class starts at a different point on the tree and can then branch outwards, it seems complicated at first, but I quickly found the paths I'd like to take for my character and went from there.

The game is something I've been personally dying for as all current MMO's seem so stale and boring. It's like a breath of fresh air, not to mention brings me back to the days where I'd be doing Diablo runs with bro's after school.

It's currently in closed beta but sign up, maybe you'll get in, you never know. They send out invites regularly.

Screen Shots:

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