PainKiller Redemption (PC)

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PainKiller Redemption (PC)

Post by C4Blizzard on February 24th 2011, 9:05 pm

Dreamcatcher Games and JoWooD Entertainment announce the release date of the official Painkiller Standalone Add-On Redemption for February 25th 2011. Compete with hordes of demons from hell. The game will continue the epic Painkiller conflict between good and evil.

Game Overview:
The kingdom of heaven is threatened by a ruthless army from hell. Two champions, Daniel and Belial, who we already know as the two previous heroes of the series, combine their forces and join the never-ending battle between good and evil.

It demands quite a bit of skill to confront the countless hordes of monsters to vanquish them you can equip some really crazy weapons, says Markus Reutner, International Product Marketing Manager at JoWooD. We also have the right soundtrack for the fast-paced action because the atmosphere is particularly important when countless monsters attack you without mercy. An insiders' tip for Painkiller friends as well as for new fans!


* 7-10 hours playtime
* Transform yourself into a demon once you've collected enough souls!
* Use the occult powers of tarot cards
* More than 6,000 enemies and up to 1,000 monsters on all of the 6 new maps
* Easy to use map editor for your very own Painkiller experience
* Adrenaline pumping soundtrack

Release date: TOMORROW !!!!!

Looks like DreamCatcher is back and we remember how much that fanmade game sucked...right ? Dreamcatcher is willing to erase Painkiller Ressurection out of the franchise with this new bad ass mindless classic shoot everything that moves game.

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Re: PainKiller Redemption (PC)

Post by NTSD-II on July 31st 2011, 12:03 am


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